Report: iOS Gains Slightly in Mobile Web Share, Android Loses Some

iPad mini in hand

According to a Chitika Insights survey, iOS web share has grown two percent in the mobile market. Meanwhile, Android is down by two percent.

They say that between May 27th and November 27th. They had data showing that iOS was previously averaging at about 65 percent, Android was roughly 35 percent. Right now, iOS is up at 67 percent and Android is at 33 percent. Slight increase for iOS and a slight drop for Android.

According to the report, several major devices were released during the survey period, such as Apple’s big three: the iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5. They also note that the Galaxy S III helped Android, but Apple’s iPhone 5 and the new iPad models pulled Apple back up and over.

Also an interesting note from their data, as reported by MacNN:

Chitika adds that the data suggests people don’t often switch between mobile platforms. If so, the firm argues, Android device makers are more often competing with each other than against Apple.

That’s believable. Most people using an Android device really don’t seem to want to use an Apple device. Those on Apple really don’t seem to want to use an Android device.

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