RubberBand by Musubo

RubberBand Case

This RubberBand is another accessory by Musubo, makers of several iPhone cases. We are fans of their designs, because they aim to be a bit different with their looks.

This one is called the RubberBand because it looks like there are several rubber bands wrapped around your iPhone.

The design is especially useful for a better grip on your handset. As iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users may know, the smooth build (front and back glass) isn’t exactly slip-resistant. It’s all too easy for someone to accidentally drop their iPhone if they aren’t being careful.

The case is about $30, which is a normal price for a mid-grade case. Those who want lighter, but less protective cases can expect to pay a little less, and those who want one of those heavy-duty practically indestructible cases are looking to pay nearly twice that. These are a nice balance for most iPhone owners.

You can check it out here.

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