Steve Jobs Considered Freedom as a Name for the Safari Browser

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Imagine starting up your Mac, or grabbing your iPad or iPhone and launching Apple’s Freedom browser. Yeah, Freedom was one of the many names then CEO Steve Jobs went through while trying to think up a name for the browser.

This is according to Don Melton, he is responsible for Safari and WebKit. He told the story of how Steve Jobs used to test out various names just to see what they felt and sounded like to say. He would try them out on friends and colleagues as well in an effort to gauge their reactions.

Here is part of his story:

As I remember, Steve just started saying some names out loud — I suppose trying them out to see how they felt in his mouth and to his ears. Which is not as odd as it seemed then — it’s a good technique now that I think about it.

I don’t recall all the names, but one that stands out is “Freedom.” Steve spent some time trying that one out on all of us. He may have liked it because it invoked positive imagery of people being set free. And, just as possible and positive, it spoke to our own freedom from Microsoft and Internet Explorer, the company and browser we depended on at the time.

That’s a pretty interesting story. Just goes to show you that you have to be able to test out several ideas but only go with the one that works.

[via CultofMac]

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