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the feinger

This is the Feinger. It’s an attachment that sticks to your iPhone or other mobile device and lets you stick your finger through in order to hold it and reduce the chances of a drop. There is also a lanyard that comes along with it.

The adhesive that hold the actual mount on it sticks on fairly well. Maybe a little too, well, because it can be tough to remove. We actually think this can be well-suited for something that a younger kid may carry around, like a handheld gaming machine such as the Nintendo 3DS, or even for someone to put on their iPad. The grip is strong enough, and it would allow them to just prop the tablet up on their hand and relax while they read or browse.

The best thing to do may be to attach it to your iPhone’s case and just slip on the case when you want to use it as a stand or prop it up somewhere.

You can check it out here.

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