This Cool Hack Allows Siri to Open Your Garage Door

Sometimes we all wish Siri could do more. One fellow made it happen. He combined Raspberry Pi, which is a small Linux machine, with his iPhone to make it open his garage door.

It’s a cool idea, and it works. Basically, it’s SiriProxy running on Raspberry Pi. This allows for him to create commands for Siri. It’s also noted by that it only works in your local wifi network.

When you speak a command to Siri, the iPhone sends it to Raspberry Pi. It’s a bit of a process, but someone with a bit of experience, and the right tools, can get it working.

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Once your Raspberry Pi is listening for SiriProxy commands, your iPhone should be able to feed instructions right into the Pi. Next up is adding the necessary actions to the SiriProxy server. This requires editing the ruby script in the program found here: /root/SiriProxy/plugins/siriproxy-example/lib/siriproxy-example.rb.

The code snippets are available on the Raspberry Pi site if you just want to copy and paste, but you can choose your own call-response settings too. When the SiriProxy server running on the Pi hears the right command, it uses the GPIO pins to activate the garage door relay (or whatever you have it plugged into). Neat, right?

Check them out for a more detailed look at how it works.


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