Tim Cook Talks About Scott Forstall’s Firing

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Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek, and one of the things he was asked was about Scott Forstall and retail boss John Browett’s  firing.

Tim Cook didn’t seem to hold back much on this one CultofMac picked up some of the most telling quotes. He said it was about collaboration. Not that there was no collaboration before, but this is about bringing a new level of collaboration. He said to do that, “You have to be an A-plus at collaboration.” He added “We’ve got services all in one place, and the guy that’s running that has incredible skills in services…an incredible track record, and I’m confident will do fantastic things.”

He was also asked about company politics, in which he said, “I despise politics. There is no room for it in a company. My life is going to be way too short to deal with that. No bureaucracy. We want this fast-moving, agile company where there are no politics, no agendas.”

In other words. Cook never denied the firing, and he pretty much indirectly said Forstall was divisive.



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