Time Magazine Profiles Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook_Time Person of the Year runner-up

Image: Time

Apple CEO Tim Cook had a lot to prove during his first year as company boss. Time Magazine recently profiled him, because he was runner-up for their Person of the Year.

Tim Cook definitely earned his position at Apple. He joined the company at a time when the company was quickly moving downward, he had spent time at IBM, Intelligent Electronics and Compaq. He left the position at Compaq as VP of corporate materials to join a company everyone thought was sinking fast. At the time, any honest person would have said he was stupid for doing so (Obviously we had no way of knowing what was in store for the Cupertino company.).

He’s also taken on a position that few others would. He’s running a company that few believed anyone but Steve Jobs could run, and he’s doing a pretty good job with it. It’s definitely worth a read, and it’s cool of cool information. There’s also a neat little interactive timeline that highlights key points in his career.

Read it here.


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