A New Issue That Seems to Be Cropping Up With The iPhone 5

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Several of us here at iSmashPhone picked up an iPhone 5 soon after launch. There seems to be a problem with the handset, and it’s an issue that is plaguing a few of us.

The Sleep/Wake button is not functioning properly. Let’s start by saying that neither of the handsets have been dropped or physically damaged in any way. They just gradually stopped working.

Mine started as a minor issue. Sometimes the button wouldn’t respond, and sometimes it would. I noticed that if I pressed it closer to the center of the iPhone, it seemed to respond better. I did that for while. Eventually, even that became somewhat unresponsive, and only worked when it felt like it. Not cool. Apparently, this is an issue with some iPhone 5 units. (link, link)

I called Apple. Because I don’t live by an Apple Store, I will have to send the handset in for repairs. I have two options: I can have them send me a temporary one, and they will put a hold on my credit card for the full value of the handset (not fun!), or they can ship me a box. I put the phone in there, and send it back. I will be without an iPhone for up to ten days. That is going to suck, but that’s what I’m going to do.

How will I survive without my phone?

Just another known issue with the iPhone 5. We have a few more here.

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