Analysts Say iPhone 5 Order Cuts Are Just “Noise”

iPhone 5 camera

This morning we heard that Apple is cutting iPhone 5 part orders by half. It seemed as though lower-than-expected demand may have led Apple to cut back on supplies. Of course, we don’t know for sure what the case is.

Now, we are hearing that Wall Street analyst Mark Moskowitz of J.P. Morgan is calling it noise that “will fuel and investor overreaction,” as AppleInsider puts it. (As if investors don’t overreact to any bit of news they hear. Right?)

They say it may instead be a sign of manufacturing yields improving. This means that Apple is producing less devices, as they are no longer being plagued by the manufacturing problems early shipments had.

We can’t know the full story, so we will have to just wait for Apple to release their quarterly earnings statements to know how well the handset is doing.


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