Another Easily-Overlooked iOS 6.1 Feature: Maps’ Report a Problem

Maps Report a Problem

Image Credit: MacRumors

Here’s another iOS 6.1 feature that went overlooked. Maps now has a Report a Problem button.

Report a problem is accessed through the lower-right corner of the Maps app, where the preferences are located. According to MacRumors, it was always there, but it was a small link. Now it’s a button, so you can’t miss it when you are on the correct page. That’s nice to know. Apple Maps hasn’t gotten off to a good start. Let’s hope they can tweak it enough to make it worth using.

We went over some of the notable updates a couple days ago when iOS 6.1 was released. We also learned about the new Lockscreen iPod controls. Again, just another minor update to iOS 6.1 that helps make the operating system more usable.


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