Apple is Said to be Cutting iPhone Parts Orders Due to Weak Demand, Share Price Drops

iPhone 5 Standing

Apple is reportedly cutting back on iPhone parts orders. This is due to low demand, says the report, which originally comes from the Wall Street Journal (the original story is behind a paywall).

If accurate, Apple has cut back by about half, and this is true for not only screens, but other parts of the handset as well. The iPhone 5 was criticized by some for being too similar to the iPhone 4S, and the only real difference being the larger screen. It seems that some aren’t pleased that the iPhone hasn’t changed much compared to other handsets.

Reports also say that this could have a huge impact on the parts suppliers. Many of these companies survive thanks to the massive orders that come from Apple.

Furthermore, prices per share are said to be dropping below $500. A first for Apple in about a year.

[Wall Street Journal via Electronista]

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