Apple Job Listing Hints at Future Updates for Siri Dialogue

Siri talk


Apple wants to update Siri’s dialogue. Some of it will obviously make her more useful, and add functionality. They are also doing it to keep her interesting to users.

Siri is a witty little thing. She’s funny, and it’s entertaining to see what kinds of things she will say to you.

For instance, one of my first conversations with Siri went something like this:

Me: Sh-t!

Siri: After all I’ve done for you!

Me: No! Not you. I love you.

Siri: Jay. I’m sorry. I can’t.

Me: Are you mad at me?

Siri: No comment.

Yeah. I got friendzoned by Siri. Apple’s job posting can make for more of these funny little conversations that you’d never expect to have with your cellphone. They want the person they hire to refresh the things she says. They want her to “evolve … as a distinct, recognizable character.”

Sounds good. It’s always fun to see how she reacts to certain questions.

[via 9to5Mac]

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