Apple TV Update Adds Bluetooth Keyboard Support

Apple TV Update_BT_Support

Thank you, Apple! Thank you! Thank you! We can finally use our Bluetooth keyboard with Apple TV. Nice if you have an extra one laying around.

Seriously. Have you ever tried to type with that little Apple remote that’s packed in with Apple TV? It’s a nightmare. I-t-‘s. a. slow.  o-n-e.  l-e-t-t-e-r.  a-t.  a.  t-i-m-e.  p-r-o-c-e-s-s, and I hate doing it.

There is the remote App on iTunes. It works pretty well if you have an iOS device. In fact, it’s the best option, but my iPad is often times on my bed, because I tend to read right before I go to sleep. Also, it’s the only thing that will sleep next to me these days.

It also adds the ‘Up Next’ feature. It shows you what’s coming up next on the playlist, and lets you queue up a song for playing after the current one. Most welcomed on the music side is iTunes on the Cloud. Previously, you had to stream from your computer. Now you can listen without having to have the computer on.

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