CES 2013: Griffin Shows Off PowerDock 5, Charge Multiple iOS Device at Once

PowerDock 5 Charging station

If you live in a home with multiple iOS devices, such as an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch, or any other combination of multiple devices, the PowerDock 5 may be what you need for charging.

I normally plug my devices into the computer and let them sync, or just plug them into the wall and let them charge overnight. Luckily, I have a fair amount of outlets. The PowerDock is almost like having a powerstrip, but it’s for devices that can be charged via USB.

According to Griffin, the makers of the PowerDock 5, this takes up about as much space on the desk as a regular iPad. This may be something that households with several people or perhaps an office can make use of. There are also other devices like the PowerDock Dual, which is similar, but charges two devices instead. That said, what’s nice about the 5 is that it has standard USB ports, so it allows you to charge any such device, such as a Kindle or Android phone.

Our friends at Accessory Spotter will be at CES to cover the event. You can check out their coverage at ASpotter.com.

[Via Griffin]

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