iMac G4 Gets Ivy Bridge Update (Hack)

The iMac G4 was always one of my favorite designs. It was the big round dome shape with a stand that held up the screen. It was cute.

Apple discontinued it a long time ago, and made it a single stand that holds up a screen. Over time, that’s evolved, and it looks nothing like it once did. Still, even all these years later, that old G4 look is still one of my favorites.

Modder  Jonathan Berg, who goes by the name Dremel Junkie, has hacked an iMac G4 to make it run on the Ivy Bridge processor. Of course it took some serious work and some hacking, but he was able to do it. It’s my only hope of ever having a classic iMac that would actually be of any use these days.

Check out the video above.

[Via TUAW]

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