iPad Rumor Watch: iPad 5 Will Be Thinner And Lighter

iPad mini in hand

We imagine a design much closer to the iPad mini, but a full-size iPad


Okay. This seemed like a bit of a given, mostly because the iPad mini features a totally new iPad design, meaning, it’s a different design, rather than just looking like a scaled-down iPad 4. Apple devices tend to have a bit of a continuity between them.

Anyway, this rumor comes from Digitimes, so you can see why we are skeptical. If it weren’t for the fact that we already have an idea of what it might look like based on the iPad mini design, and some alleged photos of the back-plate, we’d shrug it off.

According to Digitimes, the iPad 5 will use a thin-film touchscreen like the one found on the iPad mini. They call it GF2 DITO.

Again, it’s Digitimes. They tend to be wrong a lot of the time. Just take it as you will, but do keep in mind that the iPad is probably due for a bit of a redesign.

[via CultofMac]

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