My Single Self Needs One of These: Anti-Lonliness Ramen Bowl


This is the anti-lonliness ramen bowl by MisoSoupDesign. It’s a bowl that has a slot for your iPhone. This is so that you can place your handset on the other side of the bowl.

This makes your iPhone your date for the night. Cute, huh? Think about it: why not have a Facetime chat with someone while you both have a bowl of ramen? If anything, maybe you can watch some Netflix on your handset. It will be in portrait mode, but at least it’s something.

We don’t know how many people would be interested in eating with this, but it could be a cool gag gift. Maybe my single self could use it and make conversation with Siri or something.

Oh, it also amplifies your speaker passively, so there’s that.

[MisoSoupDesign via dvice]

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