Report: iPad Display Production Slowed Down to Make Room for iPad Mini Demand

iPad mini in hand

According to a recent report, the production of the iPad biggie (9.7-inch) has been slowed down immensely. If that report is accurate, it’s because demand has shifted to the iPad mini.

It seems that the smaller form-factor of the iPad mini, and the lower price, is more enticing to consumers than it’s big brother.

It’s also worth noting that this cutback only extends to Sharp, one of the display makers. Someone speaking for Samsung, which is also making displays for the iPad, says that there are no notable changes in their production.

Well, maybe the iPad mini is cannibalizing iPad biggie sales. Who knows? We don’t. We’re sure Tim Cook & Co. are happy as long as there is a little Apple with a bite taken out of it imprinted on the back of every one of those devices sold.

[via CultofMac]


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