Report: iPhone Users Rake In Highest Cellular Bills

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This isn’t that much of a surprise, but according to a report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, iPhone users tend to rake in higher bills than other cellphone users.

Gizmodo breaks it down:

– 60 percent of iPhone users polled spend more than $100 a month on their plans.

– 10 percent spend $200 or more.

– 6 percent spend $50 or less.

– Meanwhile, 12 percent of Android users spend less than $50.

Despite what your feelings are about Apple products, their pricing tends to be on the higher end of the spectrum. It’s possible that some users may be higher-income or opt for pricier data plans. There is also the fact that many iPhone users, and smartphone users in general, tend to eat up a ton of data, especially with those App Store downloads.



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