Rumor: Apple to Release 128GB iPad (Update: Confirmed)

iPad 4

Update: Apple announced this model today.

The latest to come from the iPad rumor wagon is a doozy of a tablet rumor. If true, Apple will release an iPad with a 128GB storage capacity.

Sure, most computers are way beyond that, but it would make for a monster of a tablet. 128GB isn’t something most of us would need right away, unless we tend to hoard movies and TV shows as those can quickly start to eat up a fair amount of space on your device.

However, if 9to5Mac’s report is accurate, this will come mid-cycle. They say it’s an iPad 4, and it’s not going to be a new design (Yet, at least.) It will also come in a black SKU and a white SKU. The rest is stuff we know about the iPad (wifi-only, or wifi+cellular, etc.)

Most interesting is that this is reportedly in addition to the current lineup. Apple isn’t going to replace any of the three current capacities with this one. If that’s true, that would make yet another SKU to track. However, they say that this will be considered a “premium” over the other models. It’s also said that 10-pack deals will be offered for educational institutions.

Furthermore, they say that it will be priced at $799 for the wifi-only model and $929 for the wifi+4G.

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