Rumor: This is the Back of the Next iPad

rumored ipad 5

Here’s another rumor for ya’ to digest. The picture above is said to be the back plate of the next iPad model.

We can’t know for sure, the images come from 9to5Mac. However, if this is in fact a prototype piece as the description says, we can agree that it is in line with Apple’s current product designs. Just take a look at the back of the iPhone 5 or the iPad mini. Apple is no longer going for the classic aluminum look in the iPad backplates, at least not on the black color SKU.

What’s interesting, however, is that MacRumors overlaid the image on one of a current iPad next to an iPad mini. Their discovery was quite interesting. The iPad part pictured (if it is an iPad part), is much smaller than the iPad that’s currently available. It looks to be a good inch or so smaller in width. This may not only make it smaller and a bit lighter, but they speculate that it could mean a smaller bezel if the screen size remains the same.


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