Some of Silicon Valley’s Greatest Minds Had a Pizza Party Last Night. Jealous?

silicon valley pizza party

Apple’s main design guy Jony Ive, along with several other big names in Silicon Valley got together for pizza last night.

That’s right, Ive, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, and CEOs from Nextdoor, Twitter, Yelp, Dropbox and others were having dinner together. It must feel kind of cool to have pizza with the likes of some of those people. Of course, I probably wouldn’t know what to talk about once it came down to it. I use many of their services every day, and I just never stopped to think about what kind of conversations I would have if I met up with them for a casual dinner.

The picture was posted by Mike Cassidy of Google X on Facebook.

Either way, that looks like some expensive pizza based on the surroundings.

[via TUAW]

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