Starting Tomorrow, Unlocking Your Phone Without Carrier Permission is Against the Law

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Beginning on Saturday the 26th, that’s tomorrow, unlocking your phone without your carrier’s permission will become illegal.

Unlocking is a process carried out by phone owners to allow them to use their handset on other carriers networks. This was especially popular for iPhones when the handset was limited to AT&T, and carriers wanted to use it on other networks.

There is some sort of good news. The law, according to AllThingsD, applies to handsets purchased after today. This means that anything you already own seems to be fair game. If you don’t, but it right now! (Kidding. We ‘re a mobile blog. We aren’t legal experts.)

Here’s a portion of the repot:

The new law, which applies to devices purchased after today, came about in October when the Library of Congress’ Register of Copyrights, which determines exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), ruled that unlocking cellphones and tablets without carrier permission should be illegal.

That’s a bummer to consumers. I’ve never personally had the need to unlock my phone, but I know it’s something people do quite often.

Keep in mind, that you can still unlock after the contract is over, or if you buy the handset from the carrier and it’s already unlocked.

Read the full report for more details: AllThingsD

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