This is an Apple Patent That Will Probably Never Happen

Apple tactile button patent

Companies patent stuff all the time. Apple is no exception. They were recently granted a patent for a small clip that will give the touch screens of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch some more tactile feedback.

We’re not sure if this will ever happen. It doesn’t seem very likely that Apple would want to add some weird clip to your iOS devices. They leave that to accessory makers.

According to this patent, there is a removable clip that is placed on the screen. It has small buttons that allow the user to type as they would on a physical keyboard. At least that’s the plan. It would be interesting to see how well it works, or how comfortable it actually is to type on. We also wonder if something like this is worth the hassle. Would you want to pull this out and clip it on every time you want to text?

Who knows. It probably won’t ever happen.

[Patently Apple via CultofMac]

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