Apple Patent Shows Method to Make iPhone Typing Easier

 Apple key patent app

The iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard is nice. We’ve all adjusted to it. Even if it seemed awkward and slow at first, it’s become kind of natural. However, Apple wants to make it easier to type on. A recent patent Application that was published today shows resizing keys.

The keys resize according to your typing in order to make things easier. Some keys would increase or reduce in size in order to accommodate typing. Fingers would more-easily be able to reach their intended targets.

I believe the iPhone already does something similar to that. It doesn’t change the size of the keys, but it slightly adjusts their touch radius. For instance, if you are typing out the word “Hello,” you may type H-e-l-l and the phone would figure that the next letter you want to type is ‘o’, so it would increase the radius of the touch area around that letter to increase your likelihood of hitting it.

[via AppleInsider]

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