Apple Planning 4.8-inch iPhone with the iPhone 6?

Huge iPhone


If a four-inch iPhone 5 screen isn’t enough for you, Apple is reportedly planning a 4.8-inch screen for next year, according to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek.

Of course most analysts are paid to guess stuff, but let’s take a look at what they have to say:

1) The processor may have four, or even eight cores. That sounds like a lot of processor for an iPhone, but we can’t know for sure what the standard will be in 2014.

2) The display will go from in-cell LDC to on-cell OLED or IGZO. This is because Apple may have difficulty with brining in-cell up to 4.8-inch, which is supposedly what we can expect after the iPhone 5S, if that’s what Apple goes with.

3) iOS will be revamped. Would Apple want to revamp iOS? Misek says yes, in order to “better compete with Samsung.”

That’s a lot to think about, but he did mention that the larger prototypes did exist late last year, according to MacRumors.

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