Cycloramic is One of the Most Genius Apps We’ve Seen


Cycloramic is an App for iPhone. It works with every model from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 5. However, iPhone 5 users will get the best, and very coolest, use out of it.

There are quite a few apps out there designed to take panoramic shots. In fact, the iPhone has one built-in. This is different, because if you have an iPhone 5, this app can take panoramas by itself. You simply put it on a flat, level surface and set it to vibrate. After that, you touch the screen, and the iPhone does the rest.

It’s amazing to watch. The handset vibrates, which then makes it slowly rotate a full 360 degrees. It’s very simple, it’s cool and it makes for a great trick at the bar. Just set the iPhone down, hit ‘Go’ and watch it spin. Your buddies will look at it wondering, “what the heck?”

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