Finally, An Analyst That Didn’t Just Pull Stuff Out of Nowhere


Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has a few things to say about recent Apple rumors from Peter Misek, who talked about the larger iPhone 6 coming this year and the Apple TV update. Misek also keeps talking about an Apple HDTV.

Okay, a TV-focused event is believable. It’s not a huge deal, and Apple may want to get developers in on the Apple TV space. Keep in mind that when we say TV event, we don’t mean Apple’s rumored television set. We are talking about a small, incremental revision to Apple TV (if any) but more than that, some software announcement that can mean apps for Apple’s set-top box. That said, the Loop, which is known to have good sources, said there is no event happening in March. Oh well.

Gene Munster has pretty much said flat out that he doesn’t know what Apple is planning. He says that the company typically has a new product announcement every four months, which is true so far. He also said that they’ve held events in March for the past two years. It’s his guess that Apple is due to hold some sort of event soon. He doesn’t know what, but he says it’s likely the company will have something.

[via CultofMac]


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