iPad Mini Shipping Days Cut to 1-3 Days

ipad mini shipping times 1-3

Image Credit: CultofMac

iPad mini shipping estimates are slowly reducing. Now anyone ordering a unit can expect it to ship within one to three business days.

The tablet is seeing much success, but the consequence is that those orders take much longer to arrive. In fact, CultofMac mentions that at one point it was on back-order by about a month — that’s quite a wait.

The iPad mini debuted in October, and shipped shortly after the announcement. Since then, Apple has been trying to keep up with demand. It looks like they will finally catch up in coming weeks.

This isn’t unusual. The iPad is a popular device. The mini was the first of its kind from Apple, so people want to get the new thing. Add that to the holiday demand, and you have a ton of iPads going out daily.


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