Mac OS X 10.9 May be Right Around the Corner

new mac OS report

Lately Mac OS X has become a yearly release. At least that was the case with Lion and Mountain Lion. It seems that Apple may continue on that trend with version 10.9. We have no idea what Apple is going to call it, but there is some evidence to show that it exists.

Website AppleInsider noticed that their traffic logs show a lot of hits coming in from computers running 10.9, which is an unreleased version of Mac OS X. They note that in October they only had a “handful of  visits” from machines running on 10.9. In January 2013, that shot up to thousands, they report.

Also worth noting is that Mountain Lion was announced in February 2012, just a little less than a year ago. It’s not surprising that the next iteration of their desktop OS would be deep into development at this point.

We’re not sure how many big cats are left, but at least we know that Apple doesn’t have to come up with many more as the next step after 10.9 is likely to be OS 11.



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