Report: Apple is Hiring for Its Maps Team

iOS 6 Maps

Apple is hiring, according to reports, and they’re looking for people to work on iOS Maps. Looks like the company is working hard to give this baby an overhaul.

Apple Maps has been the target of much hate, and the butt of many jokes. It has its fair share of problems, and Apple wants to fix it before it’s completely forgotten. The company may have lost a huge portion of potential users, and many of those users went with Google or another mapping and navigation application. However, there are those who may give it another chance if there is a complete overhaul.

Regardless, Apple would have to make its Maps app far better than anything out there if it wants to gain back users. That won’t be easy.

Our personal experience with Maps has been a bit mixed. Out of the handful of times I’ve used it (I knew where I was going, but I was just testing it out):

1) It took me near the bank I was looking for, but thought my destination was to the left of me instead of the right.

2) Once it told me I had reached my destination when I was a mile away from it and under an overpass.

3) Once it took me exactly where I wanted to go.

4) Once it took me exactly where I wanted to go, but it had me take an unnecessarily long route around two city blocks when turning left at the intersection I crossed would have taken me there much faster.


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