Report: Apple Working on a Curved Glass Smart Watch

Penny Watch

Apple may be working on a new watch. It’s curved glass, and runs on Apple’s iOS, much like the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

This information comes from people familiar with the matter, but they were unnamed as they aren’t supposed to be talking about top-secret Apple products.  What’s so special about Apple’s watch? According to the report, the people who spoke said it’s due to Apple’s understanding of “how such glass can curve around the human body.”

The company had nothing to say regarding the rumors. However, if there is any truth to it, Corning’s Willow Glass is a good start. It’s a thin type of glass that folds and flops just like paper, according to the Times. The technology currently exists, and this may be the route Apple goes. That is, if the company moves forward with any plans to release such a device. Remember, this could all end up being canned by the folks at Cupertino if they don’t feel they have a good product.

[via The New York Times]

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