Report: Samsung Galaxy Altius Smartwatch Screens Leak

sasmsung smartwatch

Some screenshots of what are allegedly Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch, the Galaxy Altius.

According to SlashGear, the images are from a Korean messageboard. There’s no way for us to know right now whether these are real. It’s something very easy to fake.

samsung smartwatch_2

There are a few notes that were picked up on by reports. Here’s a portion:

In the upper right-hand corner of a couple of the shots, you’ll see the “Samsung-GA7″ code name – this indicative of the LCD display. You’ll find that the software version is AltiusOS beta2, this either meaning that the software was built specifically for this device, or that it’s a version of Android (or some Samsung-specific OS) fitted for this device. You’ll also find that 1.5% of the full 235MB of internal storage space is being used up – this makes the case for a rather symbiotic device rather than a stand-along model.

It’s interesting that this may be the first of many smartwatches we see. It’s not clear if this is real, but it wouldn’t surprise us as every industry is getting into the “smart” business. There are smartphones, smart TVs and soon possibly smartwatches. Even Apple is rumored to be making a smartwatch of some sort.

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