Rumor: Budget-friendly Polycarbonate iPhone Coming Next Year

iPhone 5 Standing

Sorry, we have no idea what Apple’s rumored iPhone looks like. You’ll have to settle for this sexy iPhone 5.

Lower-priced iPhone rumors are abundant. There are plenty of rumors and there is a lot of speculation on Apple’s possible entry into the budget-friendly iPhone market. That said, it’s not real until it’s announced.

This rumor comes from Japanese blog Macotakara. Previous reports stated that the new iPhone will launch later this year.

According to Macotakara, the iPhone will have a polycarbonate body similar to the old white MacBook that Apple replaced with the MacBook Air a few years back.

It’s said to be slightly thicker than the current iPhone, but has a larger screen. Of course it’s difficult to say how true any of this information is, because we have nothing to go on.

[via AppleInsider]

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