Rumor: Leaked iPad 5 Case Shows Thinner Tablet, and Smaller Bezel

rumored ipad 5 case

The iPad 5 is still a rumor, but we know that Apple is working on it. They release a new model tablet every year. Two last year, actually. (I bought an iPad 3. D’oh! Oh well.)

If this leaked case is any indication of what the next full-sized iPad will look like, it takes a design cue from the iPad mini. It seems to have a smaller bezel. It’s also thinner and slightly narrower than the current iPad. It looks as if it will keep the screen size, but the trimmed down bezel will mean a slightly smaller tablet.

Of course it’s all rumor, and we all remember the iPhone 4S debuted after everyone was positive that the handset would be different, and hundreds of “iPhone 5” cases leaked. Sadly, those cases looked nothing like the iPhone that debuted that year, or the year after that.

[via AppleInsider]


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