Rumor: Spotify Trying to Bring Free Streaming to Tablets and Smartphones


Spotify is reportedly in negotiations with record labels in hopes of getting Spotify Free to smartphones and tablets. This would mean it’s similar to the Spotify free you use on your desktop. You’d have streaming, but it would have ad support.

The report comes from The Verge, which cites “several music industry sources.” Spotify would not comment on the story, says the Verge, giving it a bit more credibility. If past experiences are anything to go by, anytime a company refuses to comment, it means that something is up.

According to the report, the so-called “big three” will be the main determining factor in whether Spotify does become profitable. There is a lot more to the report, and it goes in-depth about the talks Spotify is having with music industry executives. Read on at the Verge, they put some serious work into it.


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