Sweet Accessories for your iOS Device


There are thousands of accessories for iOS devices. We’ve seen plenty of them, and we’ve gone hands-on with several of them. However, there are a few interesting ones that make us say, “Wow, where’d that come form?” Here are some of those from our friends at Accessory Spotter



This one literally looks like someone shrunk a Roomba and made it small enough to put on an iPad. It’s a screen cleaner. We don’t know how well it works, or if we would try it for ourselves. Either way, it’s interesting. Link



Gold iPad Mini


The gold iPad mini shell is very pretty. We also imagine it’s very expensive. Still, if you want an iPad mini, and you want it to turn heads, go for the gold. Link






The iPotty is a small training toilet for children. It has an iPad mount, so that kids can use the tablet while they…go potty. It’s also designed to work along with toilet training apps. This makes it so that children can interact with the iPad and learn how to use the restroom with the help of an app as the iPad sits mounted on their little toilet. Link



Cutesy Romantic iPhone Cases


Looking for something for Valentine’s Day? Maybe a pretty little iPhone case will do it. How about something with rose or a custom heart case? Link



Most Durable Case Ever!


This is the most durable case we’ve ever seen. It’s truly life-proof. The only thing it won’t stop is water damage. Still, you could probably run this phone over with a truck, and it would be okay. Link



Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad mini


Are you not a fan of typing on the iPad mini screen? Give this a shot. It’s a physical keyboard you attach to your iPad mini via Bluetooth. Take a look at it. Link



Zeus Messenger Bag


This is a messenger bag by ECBC. It’s called the Zeus. We have to say, it doesn’t look bad at all. They say it’s tough and the coat is waterproof. Keep in mind that it probably doesn’t mean you can throw this thing in a pool. You just won’t have to worry about your iPad if it rains on you. Link


There Are Always Accessories

There are so many accessories that it’s impossible to go through all of them in a post. These were just worth pointing out. Who doesn’t want to see an iPad toilet accessory?

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