Tim Cook Has No Idea What Apple’s Tablet Marketshare is, “Because We’re the Only Company That Reports What We Sell”

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During the Goldman Sachs Technology conference, Tim Cook went into some talk about the iPad’s marketshare in the tablet business.

He talked about how well the iPad is doing, and explained it’s selling to people who may have never owned a computer before. They are learning how to use the iPad. He explained that Apple continues to sell more tablets than any other company, but said that he doesn’t know what the iPad’s marketshare is. Why? He wasn’t dodging a question, he was burning the other companies with his answer, “because we’re the only company that reports what we sell.”

That’s one way to put it. Apple does in fact report its sales. The company does it usually after the weekend of a major product launch, then it does so again at the end of a quarter. Most companies report units shipped. While units shipped is certainly based on demand, it doesn’t account for what has actually been sold. A shipped unit can still be sitting at Best Buy right now waiting to be sold.

[via 9to5Mac]

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