Tweetbot Combats Piracy With Public Shaming

tweetbot shame

That’s one way to fight piracy of your app. Publicly shame the folks who don’t pay for it. Tweetbot is a third-party Twitter client. It costs about three bucks, but some folks don’t like paying that. They pirate the software instead.

Tweetbot’s developer, Tapbots, decided to do something to cut back on that piracy. It’s a clever plan, actually. The application will autofill with the following message:

I’ve been demoing a pirated copy of @tweetbot and really like it so I’m going to buy a copy!

Looks like a lot of folks are pirating that app. It may not put an end to the pirating of the app, but it can definitely be an annoyance. It’s also probably embarrassing to be called out on Twitter like that.

[via The Verge]

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