Verizon Lists Best and Worst of Battery- and Data-Draining Apps

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Verizon has posted a handful of apps that are battery- and data-friendly, and another group of apps that are “high risk,” or may compromise battery, data usage or even privacy.

The list includes goth Android and iOS apps, but it’s interesting to see what’s available. DropBox, 8tracks radio, CNN, Evernote and a few others make up their good list. Their “high risk” list is made up entirely of games, such as Asphalt 7: Heat, Doodle Jump, Draw Something, Fruit Ninja Free, Grand Theft Auto III and several others. It’s not entirely surprising that games would be bigger battery and data hogs. They often use more graphical processing power than the typical application. Some games also use a connection. Many of the games also prevent the device from going into sleep mode, further shortening the life expectancy of the charged battery.

You can check out the lists below:

Best of

Worst of

[via GigaOm]

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