When Tim Cook Feels Down, He Visits an Apple Store

Apple Store

Today during the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about Apple Stores.

He was asked about Apple’s retail strategy, and he called the stores, “the face of Apple for almost all of our customers.” He said that most consumers don’t think of Cupertino when they think of Apple, they think of their local Apple retail store.

Cook even had a clever way of saying how successful the stores are. The CEO said that he’s occasionally feeling the pressures of being CEO, he visits a local Apple Store, “If I ever feel like I’m dropping down to a level that’s below excited, I go to the Apple Store–it’s like a Prozac.”

The Apple Store must be a nice place for Cook. Then again, I’d be happy if I went to a store for the company I run and saw it packed with shoppers trying out their gadgets.

[via AppleInsider]

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