6 iWatch Rumors: What We Know So Far


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The big Apple rumor for the year is the iWatch. Last year it was an HDTV. Are either of them real? Who knows, but we have several reports about Apple working on some sort of smartwatch. Even the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times talked about the iWatch. For several years already, the Journal has been a solid source for Apple rumors and leaks, so it’s worth listening when the WSJ has an Apple rumor.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the supposed iWatch. We’re not saying it’s real, and we’re not saying it’s not–we just want to gather the most significant rumors we have heard.


1) It’s made of some sort of curved glass

According to reports. The Apple iWatch, as it’s been dubbed by bloggers and industry watchers, is made of curved glass. It’s not clear what it will look like or what kind of glass it’s made of. It’s not even clear how much of it will be made out of glass vs how much of it will me metal or some other material. It’s also reported that Apple has been closely studying how things can wrap around the wrist and the contours of the human wrist.


2) Apple has been working on it, and other devices, for years

The iWatch isn’t the only thing Apple is working on. They are working on several devices. They always are. However, the iWatch is particularly interesting because it’s reported that at least a hundred people are working on the device. If that’s accurate, Apple isn’t putting all that money and those resources into it without at least a serious attempt to make it a real product. It’s worth knowing that this is at least 100 people at Apple corporate, who are working on what could be a high-profile, highly-secret device for the company. Not just any employee is going to be given access to this information. Anyone on this project is probably a very well-paid employee, That’s just a thought.


3) It runs iOS, but battery life remains an issue

We learned earlier today that the iWatch is likely to run a full version of iOS. That report comes from the Verge. We can’t confirm that, but it seems like a possibility if Apple wants this to be a smartwatch. That said, the battery life seems to be an issue. Apple reportedly wants it to be about four or five days. However, the watch prototypes seem to last “a couple of days max” before needing to be recharged. The other holdup is getting that full version of iOS to work properly on a watch. After all, a wristwatch is a very different device from a smartphone or tablet.


4) It probably won’t use Corning’s Willow Glass

Initial reports stated that Apple would likely use Corning’s Willow Glass. Corning makes Gorilla Glass, which is a highly-durable glass found on most smartphones and tablets. It’s what Apple uses on its iOS devices. Corning also makes Willow Glass, but it doesn’t seem that its ready for public use yet. Willow Glass is nothing more than a bendable glass. In photos and photos it just looks like a thin sheet of plastic. That said, Willow Glass may not be available for at least another three years. Seems unlikely that it will be on the next iWatch.


5) It integrates with your iPhone

As with all of Apple’s devices, there is integration between them. Apple is planning to make the iWatch integrate directly with the iPhone, according to reports. This makes sense, as the idea of a smartwatch with a direct connection to your iOS device is a popular idea for consumers. Many times you are walking or jogging and have your iPhone in your pocket. It rings, and rather than pull out your handset to check who it is, you can check directly from the watch, or use it to answer. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it can make a lot of difference when you are scooting along, jogging or in a crowded area.


6) It is due to arrive this year 

Another rumor says that the iWatch will arrive this year. That’s entirely possible, especially given that the rumors are becoming more persistent. Apple has also filed several patents for wearable devices and a watch. The past-gen iPod nano was also popularly used as a watch by some. The design has changed yet again, but maybe Apple will use that idea to make its smartwatch.


Can we count on it?

Apple is most likely working on something. That’s clear at this point. Whether the company cans the project, or releases it is uncertain. There are definitely resources going into the device. We think an iWatch is much more likely in the near future than any iTV. It just makes more sense.


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