American Airlines Shows off iPad Flight Bag Replacement

The iPad weighs a little less than 1.5 pounds. It’s replacing roughly 40 pounds of books, maps and manuals that pilots often have to carry with them on a plane. American Airlines is replacing those heavy, cumbersome books with Apple’s tablet. The video above shows what it looks like.

It’s actually quite interesting to see. It’s a view of the cockpit I haven’t seen in a while, and it shows you just what kind of stuff those pilots have to keep track of. Seems like a lot. Again, it was normally all kept in 40 pounds of books and other stuff that pilots use for maps and to determine landing areas at airports and stuff like that. Now they just tap along on an iPad. They can easily search an airport and figure out where the landing strip is, and all those other things that are important to pilots.

Check out the video, it’s actually quite informative.

[via MacRumors]

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