Analyst Says iPhone 5S Will Be the Return of ‘One More Thing’

One more thing

According to analyst Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, Apple will re-introduce “one more thing” caliber bit surprises with the iPhone 5S. Apple always used to surprise watchers with the famous “There is one more thing” line that Steve Jobs used to deliver. The crowd would often cheer, and Jobs would introduce a surprise or killer feature that wowed us all.

That said, the speculation is that Apple will introduce some killer software feature. Siri was probably the last real surprise we’ve seen in a while. Personally, it seems that people have become too accustomed to a big surprise. Some folks no longer seem to care about overall features. They’d rather be surprised with something new, whatever it may be. That’s not a bad thing, but Apple’s old tendency to enjoy surprising the crowds is hurting them a bit now. If they don’t reveal something that makes people go “Wow!” People aren’t happy.

[via CNET]

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