Another iWatch Rumor for You to Ponder Over: Jony Ive Ordered Boxes of Nike Watches a Few Years Back

nike watch presto digital bracelet

Apple design boss Jony Ive is reported to have ordered many, many watches in the mid-2000s, according to recent stories.

According to BusinessInsider, Ive ordered many of Nike’s Presto Digital Bracelets and the Oregon Series Alti-Compas watches. They were made from 2002-2004. The image above is the Presto Digital Bracelet. As you can see, it looks something like what a rumored glass, wraparound watch could be like. Of course that doesn’t mean that Apple’s watch, if real, will look anything like that. Still, Ive could have been looking to those for ideas and inspiration.

It’s an interesting story. Maybe Apple has been looking into watch designs for some time. As it is, we once learned that Apple was developing the iPad long before the iPhone, but when Steve Jobs saw the interface, he said it would be wonderful on a phone, and the iPhone was born. Only later would we see the iPad. Point being, there are many concepts out there that Apple works on for years. We may never see some of them, until much, much later.

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[via MacRumors]

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