App Called People Finder May Be of Great Help to Blind iPhone Owners

Visual Impaired symbol

A fellow named Mike May from the Sendero Group is developing an app called People Finder. It’s aimed at helping persons who are vision-impaired find their friends who are nearby.

The uses a combination of GPS and Bluetooth to locate, and to help you find someone nearby. The app tells you through voice whether your are near or cold as you move closer or further from the person you are looking for. The app also tells the other person when the other is nearby, so that they can begin searching, too.

It’s an interesting way to use the features already built into the handset. It’s also a great way to help persons who are visually impaired find someone they are looking for. Anything that can help a human being improve their life without harm to others is a great idea. Let’s see if the app can make it past the testing phase.

[Mike May via TUAW]

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