Apple Considered Several Names for the iPhone, Telepod and iPad Were Two of Them

iphone alternate names

Ken Segall, who used to head up Apple advertising, spoke at the University of Arizona’s Department of Marketing, and talked about the iPhone during a talk called “Insanely Simple.”

It turns out that Apple considered several names for the iPhone before release. We’re kind of glad they didn’t go with any of them: Mobi, TriPod, MicroMac, TelePod and iPad.

Here are a few of the ideas:

– Telepod: Apparently it seemed like a clever name for a futuristic telephone. Then there was “Pod” which was in line with the iPod, which was very popular at the time.

– iPad: Of course we know that this is now what Apple calls its tablet. At one point it was the name considered for the iPhone. Remember, the iPhone came from the iPad idea. Steve liked what Apple had done with the iPad and decided the interface would be great on a phone. The iPad was put on hold while Apple worked on a phone.

To not take away from any of their hard work, you can read some of the other names and the ideas behind them at 9to5Mac.

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