Apple Hiring Anodizing Engineer Rumors Point to More iPhone 5S Colors

iPhone 5 Standing

Apple is hiring an anodizing engineer for future products. It’s not clear what exactly, but in all likelihood it’s for the iPhone 5S.

Website CultofMac says that it’s probably to add color to the future line of iPhones. Traditionally, the iPhone comes in black or white. The iPhone 5 does, too. If the website’s rumor about the next iPhone is to be believed, this means Apple will introduce additional colors to the iPhone line.

That said, the hiring part is not a rumor. Here’s what Apple is looking for:

  • Define world-class anodizing processes that achieve the cosmetic and functional requirements of a part.
  • Be a self-starter by defining all engineering tasks to meet project objectives and have the ability to quickly learn about new processes with very little information provided.
  • Understand and own the interactions between the alloying elements of aluminum and the anodizing process.
  • Knowledge and usage of statistical tools (JMP, Minitab)
  • Familiarity with advanced manufacturing processes (Extrusion, Casting, Forging, Welding, CNC machining) specifically in Aluminum and many alloys
  • Expertise in surface preparation and advanced surface finishing processes (lapping, polishing, blasting, tumbling, etching, anodizing, PVD) in Aluminum
  • Experience with high-quality cosmetic parts
  • Provide onsite support at manufacturing sites during development and product production ramp, and drive engineering issues to resolution
  • Flexibility to work in a fast paced and dynamic environment

It’s entirely possible that Apple wants to introduce new iPhone or iPad colors, but that would definitely be unlike anything the company is doing right now with the handset.


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