AT&T Says it Will Unlock Your Cellphone After You’ve Fulfilled Your Contract

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AT&T says that it will unlock your smartphone once your contract has expired. That sounds about right, but it’s news right now because cellular phone unlocking has become such a hot topic these days.

We already know that the White House has agreed with petitioners that unlocking cellphones should be legal, but lawmakers are just now starting to work on a solution. Unlocking is the practice of enabling your handset to be used on another carrier’s network. For instance, T-Mobile was very popular with iPhone owners not wanting to go with AT&T. One side argues that users have a contract to fulfill, which is true. However, the opposing side says that the handset is yours. You’ve purchased it. Of course when it’s subsidized, you haven’t paid it in full. You are under the agreement with the carrier that you will pay them for a monthly usage bill for the next two years.

So as long as you are in good standing with AT&T, and have finished up your two-year sentence, you are good to do what you want. See? That’s not so hard, is it?

[via CultofMac]


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