Best Buy is Becoming More Competitive With Online Retailers

Best Buy

Starting March 3rd, Best Buy will price match with online retailers. Apparently, there is a name for that thing we all do where we look for something at the store and try it out, then we look for it on our iPhone in hopes of finding a lower price somewhere else. It’s called showrooming.

Best Buy is going to honor those prices by matching the deal you find online. We don’t know what rules they have set, or if there are any caveats to the price-matching other than there is a selection of stores you must be able to match and it can’t be a refurb item or bundle (such as a Wii U that comes with five games).

Still, it’s a cool way to compete with Amazon, NewEgg and other online stores. Personally, if it’s a good deal, I prefer to have my new toys now rather than later. That may just be me.

[via TUAW]

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